Web Presence and Community Building as Musicians

Ever wonder why all the famous artists are all the famous, already well known musicians on every social network worth naming? And, no the answer is not to annoy all the struggling artists by competing with you on your level… Well, not entirely. Its not only to reinforce their already prominent web presence, but also to connect and interact with fans as a community. Fans now need, almost require this type of interaction before they become a true fan. Put best by Jason Feinberg in his article on Media Shift

“In the current music industry climate, many artists are realizing that they must go further than ever before to be seen as approachable — they must run their organization with almost complete transparency. Save for major mainstream stars, the days of artists being put on an isolated pedestal are long gone; fans are far too savvy and options far too many for a musician to appear to be operating in a different universe. Fans demand access at unprecedented levels, so a band must either provide this access or be skilled at creating the illusion of it.”

But before you just jump right in and start “friend adding”, you need to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. Its important to not only have an aim or purpose, but to also create an authentic experience for your fan. Fans will see right through all those annoying bulletins and bot-generated posts that lack the ability to compel or engage them. Think about who you are as an artist, what you want people to know about you and how you want them to perceive you/ your brand. Be genuine and show your fans a personal side. Be respectful of the community by not polluting it with regular shameless self- promotion. Be less obvious, and always be creative. Offer fans something in return, or exchange one thing for another. Most importantly, join the conversation, whether you initiate it or not.

Here are several sites for you to look into. Please, be daunted not, but rather be excited. Think of it like this: If a friend told you they knew of a bunch of great places you could sell your CD, you’d jump right? Before you join, make sure you have an understanding of how to navigate these sites and use their features, tools and applications to their fullest potential. They are all very different and have different ways to interact with fans.

A list of Social Networking Sites To Join













the sixtyone

Amie Street


A Marketing Plan Illustrating How to Integrate Social Networking

An another addition to these sites would be to have your own blog/ website. At the very least, you can have your mini-website that allows you to sell your music on Bandcamp. Check it out.


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