The Importance of Video Content and Distributing It

Music videos are one of the greatest tools a musician has to promote themselves and gain greater visibility… But how many independent musicians even have a budget for a REAL music video… My guess is very few. But don’t be discouraged. A music video these days doesn’t have to be a short film with a crew and director, etc. Its whatever you want it to be.  Bigger than that, who says you it has have music at all to help you get visibility? Your focus shouldn’t be so much on the quality of the video production itself, but rather on the content of your video and how to distribute it to maximize viewership. There are countless stories of You Tube users becoming stars because their videos have gone viral. Maybe your angle is to have a shocking or ridiculously funny video with the intention of going viral. Or, maybe you simply want to give people a glimpse into your artistry by recording yourself composing and performing an original piece. Whatever it is you do, just do it.

One key to gaining fans and keeping them is to offer a personalized experience that they can share with you. Why do you think so many musicians have followed Ozzy Osborne into the “reality” TV world? Because people want to get to know you, and once they make this connection or forge this “relationship:, you have created a fan. I wasn’t even that big of a fan of Keyshia Cole until I watched her show. I may not be her biggest fan, but having seen her as a person, has made me feel as though I’ve connected with her and in turn connected with her music. This is a process you need to harness as musicians, because you are nothing without your fans, and learning ways to convert listeners to fan is detrimental.

Now, lets take this tool a step further and think like a marketer (as you need to be). What do you do with this video now that is done? Post it? Yep… but not just on You Tube. Post it on EVERY social networking site you’re on AND You Tube! And then post it on every user-generated content video site you can think of!  If you’re smart, you’ll even try and post that same video/link to user profile pages that are of the demographic closely matching your greatest fanbase. And you know what else you’ll do? You’re also going to keep a close eye on the metrics on the viewership of that video to help you hone in on a fanbase so you can focus on listener-fan conversion. How in the hell can you do that and manage all of them and track metrics?

DIY Video Content Distribution and Analytics: TubeMogul


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